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Find your perfect look!

Want to find the right product for you or just try something new? With our Virtual Try-On Tool for make-up, you can conveniently test different products from the categories Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lipstick or Lipgloss using your smartphone from the comfort of your home.

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Choose your product

Choose one of our Virtual Try-On products. You can easily identify the products thanks to the Try-On button in the upper left corner of the product photo.

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The choice is yours!

To test our make-up virtually, you can either activate your camera, upload a photo of yourself, or choose one of our models. Tip: You can achieve the perfect try-on experience with your smartphone camera, but make sure that it is bright enough in your room (preferably daylight).

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Before & after

With our comparison feature, you can easily test our products and see the results in a direct before-and-after comparison.

essence virtual make-up try-on before and after comparison

Download & share

Want to share your new look with your friends? Download your final look quickly and easily in our Virtual Try-On Tool.

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