got a crush on apricots

Awaken spring with our new Trend Edition got a crush on apricots: Apricot colours for a fresh, radiant look.🧡

got a crush on apricots?

Dive into the sensual world of delicate apricot shades to give your look a seductive lightness. Inspired by the warm colours of the sunset, this collection adds a dash of romance to your make-up repertoire. Get the limited collection now and awaken your natural beauty with a touch of apricot!

essence trend edition got a crush on apricots

Double lip luxury: New must-haves!

Treat your lips to our new Jelly Lip Care! This innovative formula provides intense hydration and nourishment for smooth, soft lips. With its delicate jelly texture, it feels luxurious on the lips. We also have a new Swirl Lipgloss: Apricot and pink in a swirl. Shine and colour for your lips, perfectly combined!

essence trend edition got a crush on apricots


10.5 g - €465.71 / 1 kg


0.6 ml - €4,150.00 / 1 l


8 g - €561.25 / 1 kg


6 ml - €498.33 / 1 l


2.5 ml - €1,196.00 / 1 l