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We dare to be vegan

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We did it!!!

We believe that we all have the power to make the world a better place. That even the little things can make a difference. essence wants to support you in using all of your positive energy – with confidence and strength. Proud. Powerful. Pink. And now also: vegan!

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PROUD of 100% vegan ingredients!*

Let’s take an extremely simple step with our beauty routine to make the vision come true. From a future where we respect each other and our nature. Reach for your make-up, let’s have a blast! Hooray, we are 100% vegan*.


Vegan Cosmetics

What’s behind vegan products?

Our vegan products do not contain any ingredients produced by or from animals. Instead, we use plant-based or synthetic substances for our vegan cosmetics. Animal welfare has been particularly important to essence since the very beginning – our products have always been 100% free from animal testing, in accordance with EU law.

essence Vegan Cosmetics

Identify vegan products

How do I know which cosmetics are vegan?

Looking at the list of ingredients often doesn’t immediately tell us whether a product is vegan. At essence, you’ll find the essence “vegan” logo on all of our our cosmetics packaging. Because each of our products is guaranteed to be 100% free of animal-derived ingredients.*

Identify the vegan products by essence

Our Promise

Since 2021, all of our newly developed products have been made of purely vegan ingredients.* This also includes our popular bestsellers. Our entire range will continue to be made entirely of vegan products in the future. Consequently, we will only re-release cosmetics without any ingredients of animal origin. That’s a promise.

essence Our Promise
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* Due to a raw material shortage we need to replace the vegan ingredient berry wax in the Lash Princess ​False Lash Effect Mascara with beeswax (marked on the product) for a limited time (starting in May 2023).