Zero Waste Strategy

Our product packaging

We want to make beauty fun for you and our planet.

And that’s why we have so many demands on the packaging of our products – it should not only protect the contents, but also look great so that you can enjoy your favourite make-up products. At the same time, we have also set ourselves the goal of avoiding the unnecessary use of resources and using the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

essence zero waste strategy

To ensure that our packaging is as sustainable as possible, we pay attention to the following aspects during -product ­development:

Material Reduction

Naturally, the best way to preserve raw materials is to not use them at all. As we develop new products, we are increasingly thinking about what parts and materials we really need.

essence zero waste strategy

Recyclates whenever possible 

If possible, we use recyclates for our packaging. Recyclates are reprocessed plastics that have already had at least one life - i.e. they are the result of a recycling process. In principle, the following applies: Multiple use and recycling improve the sustainability of each recyclable. By using recycled materials, we can save up to 80% energy and 60% greenhouse gases in the long term. On our product detail pages, you’ll also always find an indication of what percentage of the product packaging is made of recycled plastic.

essence zero waste strategy

Better recyclability

For new packaging to be made from old packaging, product packaging must be recyclable. We are working hard on making our packaging even easier to recycle. But there is much more to consider than you might think: For example, the individual components of plastic packaging should preferably consist of only one type of plastic for which there is also a recycling stream. It’s up to us to continue to improve our “Design for Recycling”, because without recycling there is no material for recyclates.

essence zero waste strategy

Now it’s your turn

Help and contribute a little bit every day to take a step towards a more sustainable future. What can you do?

Take the cap off

- it's the first step!

Believe it or not, if you take the cap off your empty make-up packaging before disposing of it in the designated bins, you are already making a big contribution to the recycling process. This way, the empty packaging can be turned into recyclate to be reused in new products as part of the recycling loop.

essence zero waste strategy

We're all in this together

Only by working together can we preserve valuable raw materials. So please completely empty the product and dispose of all components in the respective bin. It is sufficient to empty your products, it is not necessary to rinse them. Unfortunately, there are no globally valid waste disposal policies, so please check the regulations in your community.

essence zero waste strategy