essence Gel Nail Colour

OK, we admit it: we just can’t say no to colourful nails. But we also have a lot of love for animals and our beautiful planet! Does this go together? Sure! Because we have developed a NEW, CLEAN BEAUTY* and 100% VEGAN formula for our nail polishes. 50 shades that not only upgrade your nails with their WOW factor, but also do something for the environment.

*All essence "clean beauty" nail polishes are free of PEGs, microplastic particles, parabens, styrene polymers, epoxy resins, melamine, polyimides, ethyl tosylamide, camphor and triphenyl phosphate. They pay attention to vegan ingredients and support the production of sustainable palm oil.


Climate neutral and proud of it.

Besides the latest trendy colours, CO2 compensation is an absolute must-have for us. Unfortunately, as soon as anything is produced, even the most sustainable company in the world causes a certain amount of carbon dioxide. But you can do the environment a big favour by offsetting these unavoidable emissions! At essence, that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve and are doing everything we can to become a 100% climate-neutral brand. And we're really proud of that.

essence Climate Neutral Gel Nail Colour
essence Climate Neutral Gel Nail Colour Icon


Mega looks, top performance.

Whatever you’re planning to do, your nails should join in! Whether you’re dancing the night away, hitting the bowling alleys, or hanging out at the skate park with friends: Our new Gel Nail Colours are sure to turn your nails into real eye-catchers, that don’t just look good, but also last a long time.

essence Long Lasting Gel Nail Colour
essence Long Lasting Gel Nail Colour


Fresh nails in seconds!

Hate to wait? Perfect! Because we also think that there’s no need for anyone to waste time unnecessarily! After all, life is all about having fun. That’s why it was especially important to us to develop a quick-drying formula. In fact, 40 seconds fast! So that you can continue doing whatever you want to do asap.

essence Express Dry Gel Nail Colour
essence Express Dry Gel Nail Colour


Broad brush for best results.

If you like to keep things simple, why should your nail polish be complicated? Our extra-convenient brush shape helps you apply your favourite colours with precision. This way, your nail routine is sure to be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

essence Gel Nail Colour Easy Application
essence Gel Nail Colour Easy Application


Small decision, big impact.

Tiny things can have a big impact. This also applies to microplastic particles that can unnecessarily burden our planet. And that’s why our new formula is completely free of them! Because fewer microplastic particles in your products also means that less of them can get into the environment. That's great news, right?

essence Gel Nail Colour no microplastic
essence Gel Nail Colour no microplastic badge