20 years of making beauty fun

essence make beauty fun 20 years

20 years of making beauty fun

Join in and have fun... with essence! We are celebrating 20 years of “Make Beauty Fun” and invite you to discover our essence Rooms of Fun. Each room shows you a different facet of our brand. Find out what essence stands for, get inspired by 20 creative faces, break boring beauty rules and just have FUN!

What would a party be without guests!

We know what “Make Beauty Fun” means to us. But, much more importantly: what does it mean to our community? To celebrate our 20th birthday, we have turned 20 influencers from around the world into essence faces. They share their different lifestyles with us and define what our brand stands for and what beauty means to them in their own individual way. Discover an inspiring mix of topics like diversity, self-acceptance, LGBTQIA+ and much more!

essence make beauty fun 20 years
essence make beauty fun 20 years
To me, make beauty fun means
Benjamin (Chile)

… to be myself and to let my creativity run wild. To show that make-up is art and beauty knows no limits.

Koko (China)

... to be able to express my personality and uniqueness in all its facets, because that’s where I derive my strength and joy for life.

Megumi (Colombia)

...expressing yourself without having to accept any limits or rules. To be able to live in the now and to be happy.

Marta (Spain)

...to express what I feel to the outside world.

Netta (Finland)

...to reinvent yourself over and over again through make-up and to enjoy the path of becoming, even if the result is not perfect.

Andrea (Italy)

... that make-up knows no gender, race, age, religion or sexual orientation. We are all equal.

Patrick (Ireland)

...the ability to express myself creatively.

Mina (UAE)

...to be adventurous with make-up and daring to venture in different artistic directions to create a new bold look.

Mia (Mexico)

... Happiness! I love applying make-up and what could be better than having fun doing it!

Sophie (Netherlands)

...to be able to experiment with colours and techniques. Being able to align my make-up with my mood and outfit - and finding myself this way.

Lana (USA)

...expressing your creative streak and doing what you enjoy - and being able to share this passion for art with others.

Taylor (Canada)

...to be able to see yourself as you are. Without filters or unrealistic standards. That’s where self-love and beauty that you can enjoy begin.

Nuzhah (South Africa)

...to be able to express myself through beauty, to be creative with make-up and to have fun while doing so.

Desi (Germany)

...to express myself in my creativity in any form.

Dimi (Germany)

...to use make-up as an art form that allows me to constantly reinvent myself and present my individuality.

Rola (Germany)

...to rediscover yourself over and over again and to look forward to the end result.

Xile (Germany)

...to bring out the best in me through creativity.

Zoe (Germany)

...to treat myself. Being able to put a smile on my face and make myself feel comfortable in my own body even on bad days thanks to make-up.

Angie (Germany)

...being able to be to decide how I present myself to the outside world every day. Naturally or with make-up - both make me happy.

Isabell (Germany)

...freedom and creativity. Make-up allows me to express and reinvent myself every day.

essence make beauty fun circle
essence make beauty fun isabell
essence make beauty fun circle
essence make beauty fun isabell

Why choose if you can have it all?

Nobody likes to choose between great products and a great price – so why should you?! You will always get the latest trends and the best performance at essence as well 100% vegan ingredients and are guaranteed products that are FREE of animal testing in accordance with EU law. And all of this at unbeatable prices. So you can really have it all!

essence make beauty fun 20 years
essence make beauty fun products

Time to colour outside the lines

We believe: Some rules are only here to be broken. So get creative and define your own beauty standard! You like to use our eyeliner on your whole face or your favourite lipstick as a blush? Why not?! Beauty should be fun. And that means that YOU determine how our products work best for you.

essence make beauty fun colour outside the lines
essence make beauty fun

Face the world with whatever face you want

“Be yourself” doesn’t mean that you have to look exactly the same every day. Your style can be as versatile as your character! So start experimenting with colours and try out different looks. Don’t just show the world one face, show it all your faces!

essence make beauty fun face the world
essence make beauty fun 20 years

Only tested on party animals

We have a great deal of love for animals. That’s why our products have always been made without any testing on animals in accordance with EU law! Because, to be honest, the only animals that should try out our products are party animals like you! A good reason to celebrate, right?!

essence make beauty fun party animals
essence make beauty fun party animals

Perfect blend - without blending in!

Our products and colours should suit everyone. At the same time, we want to help you be as individual as possible! No matter who you are or what your favourite look is, you can live your life to the fullest with essence.

essence make beauty fun perfect blend
essence make beauty fun perfect blend

100% vegan ingredients*. 100% fun!

You always have the most fun with the best quality! Because your love of beauty products shouldn’t mean that your love of animals has to take the back seat, our entire range of products is now made with 100% vegan ingredients*. No guilty conscience – one more reason to celebrate! Yeah!!

essence make beauty fun vegan ingredients
essence make beauty fun vegan ingredients

*100% of essence products are exclusively manufactured using vegan ingredients from now on. During this transition, you can check the vegan icon to make sure that your product contains only vegan ingredients.