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essence cares.

essence cares. Especially for our environment, which makes the production of all lipsticks, eyeshadows and co. possible in the first place. Therefore, we are proud to be able to claim that that essence produces in a climate-neutral way by compensating all emitted CO2 gases that can be traced back to raw materials, packaging, logistics or business trips, among other things. And not only that! By supporting certain climate initiatives, e.g., by planting trees, essence even contributes to releasing new life-sustaining oxygen back into the atmosphere. We like!

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We go beyond

We plant 1500 trees in Germany to act climate positive!

We believe in progress. This is precisely why we want to go one step further with our climate initiatives and, alongside offsetting our CO2 emissions, plant an additional 1,500 trees in order to make a further positive contribution to our climate. In our case, this will be implemented in form of a regional tree planting at the region Vogelsbergkreis (Germany), which is particularly suitable for the cultivation of noble hardwoods due to its extensive basalt soils.

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Together for a positive contribution*

ClimatePartner and its cooperation partners - including our contribution to the regional commitment - are planting trees throughout Germany, thus promoting the conversion of forests from monocultures to climate-stable mixed forests. The trees are planted exactly where they are most urgently needed. This applies above all to areas that have been destroyed by storms or drought as well as the subsequent bark beetle infestation.

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Let's go green - for us and our environment!*

For our special planting campaign, an area in the Vogelsberg/Schotten region was selected for this purpose. The trees are then planted there by professional planting teams from the respective forestry offices, with the "Forstwirtschaftliche Vereinigung Vogelsberg" taking care of this for essence. Accordingly, we are not only making the world a little more beautiful with our products, but also a little bit greener again. So: let's go green - for us and our environment.

essence positive vibes only - Let's go green

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