Hello, climate neutral!

Bye, bye worries!

essence climate neutral

Carbon neutral through CO2 compensation

Climate neutral sounds good, but what exactly does it mean? Essentially, that you don’t leave a CO2 footprint on our planet. This can be achieved by emitting as little CO2 as possible – and offsetting what is unavoidable. But what sounds logical and easy is a complex matter for a company.

essence climate neutral CO2 compensation

United Power for the Climate

Of course, it would be best not to produce any CO2 at all for our climate. That’s why we’re working hard on reducing and saving emissions. We have also calculated exactly how much CO2 we still emit – well, to be honest, the people at ClimatePartner who are better at math and physics than us have done this. ClimatePartner also promotes recognized climate protection projects around the world!

essence climate neutral ClimatePartner

One world, one climate

We have been offsetting the amount of CO2 we cannot (yet) avoid by promoting a certified wind energy plant in India since 2022. The electricity it produces does not have to be produced conventionally, so we save CO2 here. By the way, for the atmosphere, it is not important where the emissions are saved, but that there are less overall. Our products are now proud to bear the ClimateNeutral logo!

essence climate neutral CO2 compensation ClimatePartner